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Our mission : Make the healthcare environment a safer and higher quality experience

Quality and Safety Asessments
From the smallest practices to the largest health care systems, our proven Safe Practices Audit Tool® and Risk Management Model® help healthcare organizations mitigate clinical risks, improve reputation, and build the foundation to enhance safety practices.
Benchmark Solutions and Follow up
Further services would complete our engagement, providing Benchmark solutions proven by the Proqualitas experts committee. Safe Practices Standars are defined with some specific solutions integrated in a improvement plan strategy.
Patient indicators
Patient Indicators
Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) provide information on potential in hospital complications and adverse events following surgeries or procedures.
Events analyses
Events Analysess
While a proactive approach is best, sometimes the potential for harm is discovered too late. In times like this, our expert team is here for you to manage the event, help limit the extent of the damage, and reverse any negative impact.
Safety plan
Safety Plan and Strategy
Proqualitas will built the Safety Plan with your team and will offer guidance about the key questions you need to answer when developing an action plan for your organization.
Educational program
Educational program
We provide support with risk management tools created to enhance operational performance. Those tools are designed to help providers to avoid clinical mistakes and improve safe practices.
Proqualitas Health Consulting

Emerging in the midst of system-wide patient and safety concerns, the primary focus of ProQualitas Health is to provide consulting and digital solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes.
Our team support managers to implement strategies improve risk management and safety practices.

Drawing on our resources, stakeholder relationships and the diverse expertise of our staff, we are at once a leader, an advisor, a partner, a facilitator, an educator, and a supporter.
We also provide a bridge to the best knowledge in health care quality available across Europe and beyond.

  • "Effective organisational culture is essential to the success of new patient safety initiatives."

    NHS National Institute for Health Research

  • "The proliferation of healthcare data will create new opportunities to understand harm and support the development of preventative solutions."

    NHS National Institute for Health Research

  • "Improving safety is about changing behaviour. Leadership in improvement efforts should come from all levels of an organisation as well as from patients."

    NHS National Institute for Health Research

  • "We cannot improve safety if we cannot measure harm accurately."

    NHS National Institute for Health Research

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